Becoming a Runaway Success by Thaddeus Lawrence

How can we motivate ourselves to be successful in life!

Below is a summary of the points from a chapter from the book advising us how we can become runaway success in our lives!

From the book “88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success At Work”, Edited by Shirley Taylor.

“Becoming a Runaway Success: How to be your own source of motivation in your race of life” by Thaddeus Lawrence

Secret 1: Life is an ultra endurance race

Life is not a short sprint but a multi-day event.

Ask yourself if you can get up tomorrow and go at the same pace. If the answer is no, then you need to slow down.

Secret 2: It’s not how fast but how far you go

Life is an ultra endurance race. Success is not about going fast, but going far and finishing strong.

Secret 3: It’s not just about practising, it’s about the practice

Life is a series of ups and downs, but for the most part you find yourself on the long stretch of regular activity with no apparent progress. So keep going until you practise for the sake of practice.

Secret 4: When the tough get going, the going gets touch

Do not confuse happiness with easiness. It is not the same. What you admire about someone is not his success per se, but his journey.

Life is an ultra endurance race and there are no secrets to you being a runaway success. But it is not enough that you know it. It is not enough to know how to do it. It is important that you do it. Consciously take inspired action.

Thanks to Thaddeus for the great sharing : )

For those who can’t get enough, I’ll be sharing another summary of more amazing secrets in a coming post. So stay tuned!