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Be Faithful

Be wise with your decisions

What are the 3 Things You Need to be Concerned With in Life?

Stoic Philosophy states that every day, for every decision, we just need to do three things: Control your perceptions. Direct your actions properly. Willingly accept what’s outside your control. That’s all we need to do. Taken from ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman Empowering isn’t it? Just three things we need to …

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Sunny Seven

Seven Dimensions of Health Social: Contribute to community Emotional: Cultivate a positive attitude Spiritual: Mediate to find inner peace Environment: Conserve resources Occupational: Choose a suitable career Intellectual: Keep learning Physical: Exercise and proper nutrition Summarised from Bridge, a publication by South West CDC, Singapore. Mar/Apr 2019.

Habits Make Us Who We Are

We are humans of habit. Habits make us. “We are what we repeatedly do,” Aristotle said, “therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.” The Daily Stoic Wow, this is so powerful. I was reading this book ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday and Stephan Hanselman and flipped the book to the page with …

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