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Becoming a Runaway Success by Thaddeus Lawrence

How can we motivate ourselves to be successful in life! The below is a summary of the points from a chapter from the book advising us how we can become runaway success in our lives! From 88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success At WorkEdited by Shirley Taylor “Becoming a Runaway Success: How to be …

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Cherish the Present

At the end of a year or start of a new year, it is also the period when we take the chance to tidy our homes. Especially for those who celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY), the month before the festival is the right time to do spring cleaning. 除旧布新 meaning to get rid of the …

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Ray Chambers’ 5 Steps to Happiness

Audiobook review: Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell

This thought-provoking insight from Malcolm that will jump right at you: “We cannot detect a lie not because we have no doubts. The truth is when there are not enough doubts, we revert to truth.” In hindsight, with someone’s failure to spot a liar, we can say that there are all kinds of red flags. …

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Be Faithful