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Why Travel? Enjoy our own Cherry Blossoms in Singapore

There is no need to buy a ticket, pack your bags and fly to Japan just to enjoy the Sakura. We have our own ‘Sakura’ season in Singapore, just right at our doorsteps. Spotted this beautiful flowering tree, which resemble cherry blossom, which I read is called trumpet tree (scientific name Tabeuia rosea) right outside …

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The Night is still Young at Jurong Lake Gardens

With news of the official opening of the Jurong Lake Gardens on 27 April 2019, I decided to visit the park in the evening of 28 April Sunday. I started my walk from Chinese Garden. The pagoda near the entrance at the Chinese Garden MRT side has undergone some repainting and renovation. Other areas of …

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A Guide to Solo Travel: A to Z ebook published on Lulu

A Guide to Solo Travel: A to Z

Hi readers, For those who are interested to do solo travelling but have no idea on how to go about it, check out my ebook “A Guide to Solo Travel: A to Z” which was hot off the press on 21 April 2018. It provides simple steps and basic knowledge and tips on how you …

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Travelling around Myanmar: By train, boat, motorcycle taxi, coach, e-scooter and cycling

River Cruise from Mandalay to Bagan: Lower Deck

When exploring a new country, using different modes of transportation is sometimes a highlight of the journey itself. I would share my experiences of taking the train, motorcycle taxi, boat cruise, coach (bus), e-scooter and cycling in Myanmar. From December 2016, Myanmar has  become another country which Singaporeans can visit visa-free. So, it is one thing less to …

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10 Most Useful Things For a Backpacking Trip to Developing Countries

Packing for a trip is a difficult and time-consuming task. However, the tip to pack wise is to bring essential stuff which is suitable for the trip. Here are 10 most useful things for a backpacking trip to developing countries. 1. Eye mask and face mask An eye mask for a good night sleep, especially …

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