Jon Jandai shares: Life is easy. Why do we make it so hard?

Inspiring video by Jon Jandai which make us rethink what are our priorities in life.

Did we play a part in making our lives hard?

Yes, sometimes we do make our own lives complicated. Of course, not everyone in every country would be able to build a house as and when they like it anywhere they want it. At least not in Singapore.

But there are many other factors that are within our own control for those who are fortunate to be born in Singapore. For example, we can choose how to live, the job we want to do, and there are resources and opportunities for us to take actions to fulfil our goals and dreams. Choice – which might be still a privilege for many people in several parts of the world, especially for women, is something which we have, which might have been taken for granted by many of us.

Count our blessings

Yes, life is not a bed of roses for those of us in Singapore. However, if we learn to count our blessings, we should be grateful that we are more fortunate as compared to many people in other countries. Learn to give thanks for what we have, rather than complain about what we don’t have.

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