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SGX CSP Module 3 Fundamental Analysis: Preview of Course

CSP Module 3 FA Porter Five Forces Model

I attended the preview of the SGX CSP Module 3 Fundamental Analysis course on 24 July 2018. The course is to be conducted by Chua I-Min on 3 evenings on 17 August, 24 August and 31 August from 7 pm to 10 pm. Why choose fundamental analysis? As an introduction, I-Min explained how someone who …

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5 Takeaways from The Key to Investing: Planning and Strategizing by Wong Kon How on 9 July 2018

For those who missed the seminar ‘The Key to Investing: Planning and Strategizing’, here are 5 takeaways I gained from the session conducted on 9 July 2018. 1) Who would find this seminar useful? 3 types of investors who would find this seminar useful: Those who underperform despite a bull market. For the past 20 …

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8 Takeaways from 4 Singapore Traders at Traders’ Blueprint Book Launch

Traders' Blueprint Book Launch

Here are 8 takeaways from the Traders’ Blueprint Book Launch on 5 May 2018. For those who are interested in trading and want to learn more, but missed the session, here are the takeways from Collin Seow,  Marc Liu, Rayner Teo and Alex Yeo. 1. Ride your winners Let your winners run and cut your …

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Is Investing an Art or a Science?

Is investing an art of a science? The short answer to this question would be both. If your investment approach is using fundamental analysis, you would need to read financial statements, know your ratios for example, ROE, gross margin, net margin, P/E, P/B etc. If your investment approach is using technical analysis, you would need …

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