Why Travel? Enjoy our own Cherry Blossoms in Singapore

There is no need to buy a ticket, pack your bags and fly to Japan just to enjoy the Sakura.

We have our own ‘Sakura’ season in Singapore, just right at our doorsteps.

Spotted this beautiful flowering tree, which resemble cherry blossom, which I read is called trumpet tree (scientific name Tabeuia rosea) right outside MacPherson MRT Station on 16 September 2019 on my way to work. The flowers were just floating down and several of us took out our phones to capture the scene. Lovely isn’t it?

Trumpet tree just outside MacPherson MRT Station

In The Straits Times 18 September 2019, there was also a short article about these trees. I gathered the name of the tree and noted there are two flowering seasons of these trees in Singapore – during March to April (oh, so much like the Sakura season in Japan) as well as in September to October. Showers after a long hot and dry spell will cause these trees to flower.

So there is really no need to travel far to be amazed. Often, we just need to slow down, stop and smell the roses, in this case the ‘trumpet flowers’.

I noticed that these trumpet trees can be found just right next to my block. Today, I discovered that they are also planted at the Jurong East Stadium carpark area near the main entrance.

Check out this lovely collection of cherry blossom lookalikes photos shot by the public and collated by NParks.

But be quick if you want to enjoy them, as this lasts only for a few days!

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