What are the 3 Things You Need to be Concerned With in Life?

Stoic Philosophy states that every day, for every decision, we just need to do three things:

  1. Control your perceptions.
  2. Direct your actions properly.
  3. Willingly accept what’s outside your control.

That’s all we need to do.

Taken from ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

Empowering isn’t it? Just three things we need to do in our lives.

I suppose we sometimes make our life more complex than it should be. When we take back control of what we have control of – our perceptions, which are shaped by our beliefs and thoughts, and discard the falsehood that we have control of our body, our surroundings and our loved ones, this is when we find happiness.

No need to ‘force’ anything or anyone – just surrender ourselves to the notion that sometimes, it is just the way it is.

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