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Travelling to and around Cebu, Philippines: Plane, Ferry and Taxi

SuperCat: This is the ferry that I took to Bohol Island.

Travelling to and around Cebu is hassle-free. Here are some points to take note of. Travelling to and from Cebu by plane Arrival by plane, and going through immigration was a breeze at Mactan Cebu International Airport. To look for a taxi, see the section below on taxi. After all the fun and when it’s …

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Cebu, what’s There To See or Do? 6 Reasons to Visit Cebu, Philippines


When I mentioned to two friends GT and May that I was going to Cebu with my mum, they were puzzled why I chose this destination. Philippines usually don’t come up as a holiday destination for Singaporeans. Why Cebu? There were a few reasons why I picked Cebu. Firstly, I had not been to the …

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幸福的偶然: Dr Shigeaki Hinohara’s Book on Serendipity

Xing Fu De Ou Ran back cover

What is ‘serendipity’? ‘Serendipity’ (幸福的偶然) is the theme of the book. ‘Serendipity’, according to the oxford online directory is ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way’. 日野原重明医生将它解释为“发现意外事物的能力”- 幸福的偶然,善于挖掘。 Dr Hinohara defines serendipity as the ability to discover something surprising. To him, the ability to go deeper to discover …

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