Learning from thousand-year old trees

Standing in awe of these towering trees that are several hundred or thousand years old, in contrast, we humans live far fewer years.

Adapting to the environment, the trees stand upright, strong and tall, withstanding the thunderstorms during their lifetime.

Sometimes extremity occurred and it might be struck by lightning, some survived this and lived on for many more years before another disaster befell on them.

We ponder upon the fact that long when we have passed on, the trees live on and keep flourishing.

Alas! Fussing over small incidents or tiny inconveniences in our daily lives? How minute are these as compared to the challenges that these giants face during extreme weather from mother nature.

Learn from the giants to stay calm, adapt to the environment and thrive under challenging circumstances.

When they are young, they are flexible and learn to adjust to the environment, swaying with the wind.

When they become stronger and tough, some become determined and face the challenges head on.

However, being stubborn can have its disadvantages, as when external forces are enormous, they might weaken, like the thick and strong branches which refuse to sway with the stormy weather. Once cracks appear in the branches from the continuous pounding of the storm, these branches snap under the extreme force of nature.

Nevertheless, nothing stops the giant – slowly new shoots appear from the broken parts, they thrive and grow again, until many years later when their time has come.

Hence, we can adopt these lessons, experience gained from thousands of years of living on mother earth.

Learn to adapt to the environment, face the challenges in our lives, have the flexible to change if needed and the resilience to bounce back from failures and calamity.