Become a LEDer

What’s the purpose of this website? I have long wanted to buy a domain and create a website. However, what’s that something that I want to write about? I explored a travel blog but I understand that it was not sustainable as I don’t do overseas travel often. We need to post at least once a week if we want to build up a blog.

I have many interests and I feel it’s a great idea to share what I’ve learnt with others so that everyone will benefit. After much brainstorming and checking on the availability of domain names, I settled on a website name “LiveExploreDiscover”. Of course, in between, there were lots of “what-ifs” and “what-if-nots”, self doubts and questions. Finally, I decided to jump in and just do it. One motivation is that I’ve given myself a timeline of one year to work on the projects and interests that I really want to spend time with while working freelance to earn some income. The deadline is near. Although I achieved or started working on some goals, I find that I have not pushed myself hard enough.

So, what do I mean by becoming a “LEDer”? Basically, it means focusing on these 3 things:

  1. Live a beautiful life: What is a beautiful life? It’s a life by your own design and filled with happiness, peace and fulfillment. It’s not a life that you think others want you to live, or what the society or culture imposes on you. You live the life as you wanted. Of course, it doesn’t mean living without any rules. We still need to have the correct value systems and practice responsible living.
  2. Explore the unfamiliar: Humans like comfort. That’s not wrong. I myself am also guilty of doing that. However, it’s in human nature to want to constantly improve themselves.  If you continue to stay in a comfort zone, you might have a feeling of frustration or emptiness. The only way to continue to grow is to learn new things. This means being open and exploring the unfamiliar.
  3. Discover the world: The world is waiting for us to discover all her mysteries and unknowns. How do you expand the realms of your thoughts? When you explore, you might have “aha” moments and discover that we have many “you don’t know what you don’t know” areas.  You would be so amazed that the world has lots to offer you, things you’ve never dreamt of exists and endless possibilities.

So, I would take on this challenge and devote my time to becoming a “LEDer” and I hope this website would inspire you to take on your own journey too!