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LiveExploreDiscover App Created Using Appmakr Is Now Live

LiveExploreDiscover App

I announce that the LiveExploreDiscover app, created using AppMakr is now live at: http://h.theapp.mobi/liveexplorediscover_app The LiveExploreDiscover app allows you to access my website, youtube channel as well as communicate with me using a mobile phone. Advantage of AppMakr over AppyPie There are several free app creation software out there and I first tried using AppyPie …

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Shooting Stars, On Demand?

Shooting Stars On Demand

Wish upon a star? It might no longer be just luck for you. Instead, you could time your wish as well as camera to take in the sight of shooting stars. Dr Lena Okajima, Founder and CEO of ALE Co., Ltd I was intrigued by the concept of how someone could thought of creating artificial …

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US Market Sharing Session by Mr Clarence Chee on 16 February 2017: 10 Predictions of the US Stock Market in 2017

Since 2016, we have been hearing news that the bear market might be coming, as each bull run normally last 7 to 8 years, and 2016 is 8 years after the 2009 bull run. Investors have been cautious about how to invest during this uncertain time. In this seminar, Clarence Chee shared with us 10 predictions …

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