June 2016 archive

Brahma Kumaris: Practical Tips from Spiritual Theory

These practical tips from Brahma Kumaris can help improve your life. I especially find the “start it; finish it” tip enlightening as I have a tendency to start a project but not finish it. When the projects are dear to me in some personal way, there would be a nagging feeling for me to go …

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The Alphabet of Life

I chanced upon an article about using the alphabet to form positive words and then use these words for meditation and decided to pen a post about a list of positive words that could help us live a more beautiful life. Then I searched the word “alphabet” to check what’s listed on the search results for this word …

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TGIM: Thank God It’s Monday

Steve Jobs Don't Settle

I totally love this quote I read on Brahma Kumaris’ website. Forget TGIF (Thank God, It’s Friday). Think TGIM (Thank God, It’s Monday)! Increase your motivation, commitment, passion and the feeling of fun in the workplace. In other words, love what you do. Then you’ll happily go to work, Monday after Monday! Instead of counting …

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REITs Symposium 2016 on 4 June: Takeaways from David Kuo’s sharing

I wanted to share some takeaways from the REITs Symposium on 4 June 2016. I especially like the sharing from David Kuo, who is from the Motley Fool. As usual, his advice was sensible and practical. David rightly pointed out that many retail investors are impatient and like to look at their stock prices. He …

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