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Everything Either Helps or Hurts

Everything you do in the sales process, from the first contact through to the close of the sale and the delivery of the product or service, has an effect. Nothing is neutral. Everything either helps or hurts. Nothing can be left to chance. It all counts. – The Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy Selling is …

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CV of Failures

I read about this “CV of failures” sometime ago. Today, as I was using my computer, I chanced upon the link which I have saved earlier and decided to reread his CV of failures as well as Melanie Stefan’s article in the journal Nature about this idea. I admire Dr Johannes Haushofer for being open-minded …

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Random Acts of Kindness

one random act of kindness

Nothing is too small. Just one act of kindness is enough to brighten up someone’s day.  

The Most Neglected Kindness

Kindness inspires kindness

I was watching the news today and found out that the Singapore Kindness Movement has dedicated the month of May for the Kindness Day SG cause. It’s a warm feeling that May 2016 is a month of kindness as it reminds myself to be kind to myself and others during my birthday month. I believe …

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Passion Has a Timeline

I like the words, spoken by Mr Bjorn Low when he was interviewed for the book “Men of Singapore”: “Passion has a timeline. It is important, so don’t leave it until you retire, or it might not be there waiting for you.” In his case, he wants to become a farmer, so he knows that …

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