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A Guide to Solo Travel: A to Z ebook published on Lulu

A Guide to Solo Travel: A to Z

Hi readers, For those who are interested to do solo travelling but have no idea on how to go about it, check out my ebook “A Guide to Solo Travel: A to Z” which was hot off the press on 21 April 2018. It provides simple steps and basic knowledge and tips on how you …

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Tired? Frustrated? Depressed and desperately in need of a change? The next hour could transform your life.

Want to transform your life, reach beyond your limits and achieve your most ambitious goals? Three TED talks that would help you change your life. Here are the transcriptions of the key points of the talks. Be inspired and take action today. Three Steps to Transform Your Life Lena Kay  shared ‘Three Steps to Transform …

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Six Foods to Avoid Eating at Night

6 Foods to Avoid Eating at Night

Avoiding certain foods at night can help you have better quality sleep. It can possibly prevent weight gain and issues such as kidney stones.

Eat Alkaline Food After Exercise for Body to Recover Faster

Eat Alkaline Food

Hope you have found the earlier article on ‘How to eat right for your three daily meals’ useful. Here is another article from Body SOS Carnival Guide 2018 that I would like to share.