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《弟子规》:入则孝 – (1)

这是《弟子规》入则孝的第一段录音。 弟子规_入则孝_1 入则孝 父母呼          应勿缓 父母命          行勿懒 父母教          须敬听 父母责          须顺承 冬则温          夏则凊 晨则省          昏则定   《弟子规》:总叙  

Using Value Investing Strategy to Diversify Your Portfolio: What Kind of Investor are you?

Mr Rush

New to investing and want to find out what kind of investor are you? I would like to share some takeaways from the seminar “Using Value Investing Strategy to Diversify Your Portfolio” on 23 July 2016. I believe it is important to grow and become a better investor so would like to share this checklist …

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今天让自己休息一天,本想出去逛逛,但天不作美,大半天都在下雨,决定宅在家里,上网看看资料,读读家中堆积着的书。不记得什么时候拿了这本《弟子规》,拿起这册子,念了念,觉得很有意思 ,毕竟我们在学生时候是不读《弟子规》的,所以这对我是新的知识。

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“有志者立长志,无志者常立志”,这是一位慈祥的母亲为了鼓励儿子而说的话。 今天听着广播,DJ说他小时,妈妈曾对儿子说他是个无大志的人,儿子听了,觉得那么是不是说这辈子不会成功呢。妈妈鼓励儿子说“有志者立长志,无志者常立志”。 “有志者立长志,无志者常立志” can be translated as “Those who have aspirations will set long-term goals and work towards achieving their goals; those who do not have aspirations can set small goals often.”

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Humans Being Made Redundant


I was watching the news today and it mentioned that one of the security companies would be using robots for security checks and with the systems in place, the company has cut down on the number of security guards they employed. One of the spokesperson mentioned that they used drones to help them check on …

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