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Grooks: Short Pithy Poems by Piet Hein

While reading an online article, I came across “grooks” by  Piet Hein. Grook was the name Hein invented for his short pithy poems, which he published in over 20 volumes. A few which I came across and like very much, and like to share with you. T. T. T. Put up in a place where …

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Garbage Enzyme: Go Natural, Reduce Wastage and Save the Earth

Bottle enzyme with cockroaches nymphs

My first encounter with garbage enzyme was when I stayed a while with an aunty and saw her made enzyme and used it to mop the floor. At that time, I didn’t know about garbage enzymes and thought it’s interesting that an aunty in her fifties know how to make natural detergent. I vaguely remembered …

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Fact or Fiction: Detection Dog Detected Currency?

Surprise, surprise! I have heard of detection dogs use for detecting drugs and explosives. But it’s the first time that I heard that sniffer dogs can detect large amounts of currency. The news of two Singaporeans being caught with large amount of Australian money in Adelaide by detection dog was a surprise. Apparently, according to Wikipedia …

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