December 2015 archive

Being Alive

A new year is coming. Many have the habit of making new year’s resolutions. I too often fell into this ritual of making new year’s resolutions which often never get fulfilled. So, this year, I decided that I won’t make any new year’s resolutions. I’ll just focus on one goal – being alive. I finished Timothy …

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Oasis of Calm: okanokumo – clouds on the hills

Oasis of calm

Usually, when I feel flustered, mediation will help to calm my mind. However, yesterday, it was without success, so I googled relaxing music, and came upon “okanokumo”. Listening to the music, focusing on the flowing waters and greenery, the serenity helped calmed my nerves. Screenshot from youtube video “Relaxing Background Music-Instrumental- “Poetry of Water” and …

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What If I Am Going to Die Tomorrow?

This is an inspiration after sharing the “Just For Today” poem yesterday. It was a moment of thought when in the awe hours of Christmas Day, I couldn’t fall asleep. I think I’m getting old, and as I slept at 10 pm last night, I wasn’t sleepy anymore. I won’t call this poetry as I’m …

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Just For Today

I chanced upon this poem many years ago. Before uploading this poem to share with my readers, I decided to check who is the original writer of this motivation poem “Just For Today”.

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10 Tips to Drive Well and Pass Your Driving Test

When one of my friends knew that I have passed my manual car driving test in one try, she mentioned that her brother might want to learn driving, and asked if there is any advice.

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