Why “LED”?

While brainstorming and checking availability of domains, I finally decided on “LiveExploreDiscover” also because it is beautifully abbreviated to LED. What’s LED?

This abbreviation is most commonly used to stand for Light Emitting Diode. Why does this tiny item fascinate me? LEDs emit light when conducting current. Although small, they are used in many electrical applications. They are used to light up sign boards, they can be found in your computers or television screens. An LED only emits a small amount of light, but collectively, they can brighten up a big area.

It’s a metaphor that each person might only contribute a small part to the global world, but collectively, we can do something great. It also means that our small gestures might light up people’s lives although we might not think anything of it. We thought we are insignificant. We thought we have nothing great to offer the world. But we are so wrong. Each of us emits a tiny spark and collectively as a group, we can play a bigger role in the global world.

Do not underestimate the value of yourself. You have more value than you think you have.