Creating a Highly Motivated Life by Kenneth Kwan

How do we create a motivate life for success?

Here are more amazing secrets from the book “88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success At Work”, Edited by Shirley Taylor.

“Creating a Highly Motivated Life: How to constantly motivate yourself and find success in all that you do” by Kenneth Kwan

Secret 5: It’s what you say to yourself that counts

Use empowering words and have positive emotions. Choose your words carefully and safeguard what you hear in life.

Secret 6: Motivation starts from within

Accordingly to motivation theory, assuming that there are two people, one cannot motivate the other. Each can only motivate him or herself.

First place of motivation is to create desire. Without desire, nothing can happen. The more compelling the desire, the more ways you will find to make it happen!

Motivation is something you need to constantly work on. Motivation is like eating, you need to do it daily!

Secret 7: Success comes from doing the right things

Being motivated is one thing. Most people often neglect an important point, which is how to stay motivated.

One of the easiest way is to find out what your strengths are and stay in that zone.

By continually working on your strengths and compensating your weakness, you tend to stay motivated in what you do. It is good to constantly work on your strength, not on your weakness.

Secret 8: To stay motivated, you must take charge and stay in control

  1. Identify your motivational points: What keep you excited and can propel you forward. Is it money, a sense of purpose, happiness, your faith or relationship? Finding this is important and is the first thing you need to establish.
  2. Master your habits: Always watch your habits as it affect your self-belief about yourself.
  3. Raise your standards: Human beings are constantly seeking to improve and work on new things. If you stagnant in doing a same task for many years, you will soon be tired. Major results only occur when you choose to live life with a greater sense of purpose and excellence.
  4. Mix with highly motivated people: Empowering people empower other people.
  5. Perpetual self-learning: Surround yourself with good books, videos and movies.
  6. Beware of your physiology: The way you move, walk or talk will affect your physiology.

Thank you Kenneth for the points to stay motivated.

I hope the above secrets can help you focus on staying motivated and achieving a life of success!

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