How to be a Success Magnet by Christian Chua

Here are more amazing secrets from the book “88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success At Work”, Edited by Shirley Taylor.

“How to be a Success Magnet: Easy ways to achieve success quickly and effortlessly” by Christian Chua

Secret 9: Your first impression opens and closes doors of opportunities

You never get a second change to make a good first impression.

When you meet a stranger, you form an impression of him or her from the way he dresses, the expression on his face and body language. Other people are doing the same exactly like you, so we are continuously being noticed and judged.

So always dress presentably. When you are well-groomed, you send a message that you are conscious about yourself and conscious about the people around you.

Always have a ready smile, as it decides whether people like you or not 😊

Secret 10: Your success is directly proportionate to your likeability

This is the ‘likeability factor’.

When people like you, they will do things for you and help you, put in a good word for you or even support you emotionally during a crisis.

Likeability is important in career and business. When you have ability and likeability, it increases your chances of success.

Secret 11: Being recommended is the most effective marketing tool

The ‘recommendability factor’.

Being recommended is the best way to open opportunities.

To be at the top of other people’s recommendability list, you need to have certain attributes.

For business opportunities: Reliability, competency and quality and likeability (adaptable, flexible, well-mannered).

For social opportunities: sincerity, reliability, likeability (charisma).

For more sophisticated social opportunities: good dress sense, great social skills, intelligence, sincerity.

Secret 12: Invest in friendship and you will yield great returns

The ‘loveability factor’.

Build relationships, don’t just make acquaintances.

Real opportunities happen when you build meaningful relationships.

Be open to meeting people and you never know, the next person you meet may become your faithful friend.

Again great secrets, courtesy of Christian.

Let’s put effort into becoming more likeable, recommendable and loveable 😉